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About Prof. Sabyasachi Banerjee

Prof. Sabyasachi Banerjee is a KP astrologer. Krishnamurti Paddhati, popularly known as KP System, is considered to be one of the most precise astrological systems in India.
Traditional Astrology or Jyotish Vidya, or the study of the movement of heavenly bodies, has been a part of our culture from the Vedic ages. The position of the planets and stars play a crucial role in determining the past, present, and future of every individual. Prof. Sabyasachi Banerjee, the best astrologer in India, can help you unveil the hidden meaning of the planetary alignments and how they are influencing you in different aspects like education, health, finance, and other stability. He makes it a point to thoroughly study the natal chart of individuals and predict their future accordingly. And, rarely do her predictions go wrong.
Other than that, Prof. Sabyasachi Banerjee is also a versed reader of palms. His clairvoyance in Palmistry has rendered him the famous astrologer in India among the brimming lot. Of course, His knowledge is not just limited to this. He is also equally adept in Vastu. He has helped many people in resolving the undulating balance of their residential atmosphere via his scientific approach of Vastu and his deep understanding of how the four elements, namely Fire, Air, Water, and Earth, affect homes.

He passionately believes in Destiny and it being preordained, it is written, it is for all mankind and it unravels with time. Destiny does not discriminate; we need to learn to accept the path that has been written for us. Every human being has a purpose in life, their paths may be smooth or challenging with a fair share of trials and tribulations and for some it may seem like swings and roundabouts and not getting to any destination, full of frustration or desperation, particularly under the current economic crisis. ‘What will happen, will happen’ he is often quoted saying; ‘so we need to accept and adjust to the change.’
Prof. Sabyasachi Banerjee goes to the depths of his remarkable astrological skills to understand the individual, their guiding forces, their dreams and desires, their shortcomings and their potential. With this profound understanding of Astrology, Face Reading & Palmistry he is able to liberate the person through the freedom of understanding oneself better. His motivational and inspiring insights have changed the lives of thousands who are eternally grateful, that’s why he is considered as the Most Trusted Indian Astrologer not just in West Bengal or India but all over the world.
Prof. Sabyasachi Banerjee uses the medium of TV and Social Media to create awareness amongst the young and reach out to those who maybe in need of his guidance. His humorous, honest and no nonsense approach have made him into a household name. His dynamic and engaging personality, accurate guidance, uplifting has viewers glued to their seats.
Students in schools & universities, workers in factories, Politicians, Film Stars, Cricketers and Entrepreneurs would all agree that Sabyasachi is a good friend who gives good advice when you need it the most by showing the right path and by guiding them to make the right decision at the right time.
Prof. Sabyasachi Banerjee believes that whatever goes around comes around; Through your daily prayers, meditation, positive approach & charity one can make all the difference to live a happier life. He believes that Life is a Journey & Astrology can Guide You to Reach Your Destination !
J.P Morgan: Anyone can be a millionaire, but to become a billionaire you need a good astrologer

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Legal problem
Vastu problem
Conjugate problem